This year Nick’s Racing is celebrating its 20’th year of existence.

A lot of things have changed in those years. Points have been discontinued. Carburettors have become rare, though we are still the agents for Weber. Diesels have become sporty. Who would have thought that I would one day enjoy working on a diesel, improving them by huge margins…


To give you a brief background:

Nick’s Racing is a small company owned by Nick von Bergen who was born in 1965 in Windhoek where I completed my Matric & Abitur. Part of my Schooling was in Cape Town, where I also studied Mechanical Engineering.

I have been competing in motorsports since an early age, mainly racing Motorcycles off-road. I was competing in the Transnamib series before I left for overseas in the late 80’s.

There I was soon able to work in the line of motorsports and engine development.

Amongst the well known companies I worked for were LOTEC and Kolstrup Tuning.

Whilst in Denver CO, I had the opportunity to open a speed shop & called that Nick’s Racing.

So it seemed logical to keep the name upon my return to Namibia in September 1993.

In retrospect I should have called it something else, as I mostly modify utility vehicles.


Upon my return to Namibia I did a lot of V8 and big 6 conversions to Hilux and Land Cruisers amongst others.

As I knew the ins and outs of modifying engines I quickly learned to satisfy the demand of those with 4-banger motors needing more power. My break came with the 2.4 Hilux petrol that had more thirst than a sailor on shore leave and seemingly less power than its 4Y predecessor. This was done by:
Porting the cylinder head & matching that to the modified intake manifold
Designing a tuned length header exhaust system made from 2mm thick boiler tubing

Designing a Street performance Cam that pulls from idle to redline

Rounding it off with a Weber Carburettor topped by a K&N airfilter


Though we still do hard-core tuning, as described above, I have now specialised in Dyno tuning petrol & diesel engines.

Apart from being the K&N agent, we also import MileMarker hydraulic winches directly, Barska Binoculars and rifle-scopes, LightForce spotlights and many more products. For more detailed information I’d suggest perusing


We do not repair cars or do fault finding, but rather try to perfect each customer’s vehicle on its own merit.

Tying into performance mods is the enhancement of a vehicles Suspension & Brakes.

We do not do cosmetics, such as steering wheels, spoilers, rims etc.


I do not strive to build the fastest  or most powerful! I aim at reliability and guarantee my products and work.

The idea is to supply a service or product that is value for money (not cheapo’s), reliable to survive in the most punishing conditions and that will make a noticeable difference. I sell what I would want to use myself J


Who knows what the future holds?

Since I started Nick’s Racing I have always tried to stay on the ball, though being conservative in my approach.


It seems like yesterday when it all started, but in retrospect so much has changed whilst so much has also stayed the same.

To celebrate these last 20 years of being your Namibian tuner of choice, I will offer you 20 % discount on services or products when you bring in the ad from this issue.