BMW parts


I myself drive a BMW 800 GS, which has been extensively modified.

A friend of mine in Europe who is well connected sells; OEM parts, parts that come directly from the OEM manufacturer and quality performance parts. Since there are quite a few BMW enthusiasts out there, I have decided to bring in these parts direct.

NOTE, this is a hobby and I make little to no profit out of this.

I do not list prices anymore, as the exchange rate is so volatile that this becomes a meaningless exercise in futility.


Most of these parts are sourced of the OEM supplier, such as Valves that come from TRW.

This explains why I can sometimes supply at less than 1/2 the dealer price.

I am definitely not trying to compete with BMW dealers, but since BMW bikes need parts regularly (not as regularly as a Landy) and I own one, why not split the freight costs with me ?


I specialise in R-models

On older models (1950 on up) where you might suffer to get a part, give me a shout.

Or if you prefer aftermarket parts…

I have even sourced Krauser 4-valve heads for those who believe to get the final Kw out of their Boney.

I had a Factory Desert racer in Morocco, which I had put in an Apfelbeck 4v motor. No, I am not new to this, maybe only new to you J

So if you want your bike modified, I do porting, Cam’s, large valves, HD clutches and much more. But do remember it is a hobby and therefore priced and timed as such.


I can also supply performance suspension parts, big bore kits, filters etc.


Last Updated on 12 October 2006
By Nick
Email: me for prices. Please be aware that you will not get as quick a reply as normal, due to my regular business taking preference.