Flame-Thrower® Chevy Billet Distributor
Billet Distributor

PerTronix is pleased to announce the availability of our new billet distributor and replacement parts. This distributor is for small and big block Chevys, designed to provide maximum ignition performance and easy installation at a attractive price for all.

Enthusiasts can now upgrade their point style or stock electronic distributor with a performance –proven distributor that features the patented Ignitor II® electronic ignition module. The Ignitor II® module features the latest Hall Effect technology combined with a microprocessor. The microprocessor allows the Ignitor II® module to adjust dwell angle to maintain peak energy throughout the entire RPM range. The distributor housing is CNC machined from 6061 T-6 alloy aluminum and is polished to a beautiful finish.

A few of the features are as follows:

• The housing and deck are CNC machined holding a tolerance of +0.000 to –0.003
• Tempered .500” shaft has low torsion displacement for more accurate timing and longevity
• A top roller bearing and lower self lubricating oil impregnated bronze sintered bushing reduces friction and high RPM vibration
• Comes with a factory configured performance curve with additional spring sets for custom curving
• Easy to use proprietary mechanical advance adjustment feature allows for easy advance limiting
• Replacement parts available
• Compatible with most capacitive discharge systems
• 50 state legal

Flame-Thrower® HEI Performance Distributors
Chevy HEI Disributor

PerTronix announces the availability of their Flame-Thrower® HEI performance distributors for Chevy, Olds, Pontiac and Ford V8 applications. According to PerTronix, these units use new components (not remanufactured) and feature a specially engineered module and coil combination that operates without misfires up to a minimum of 7500 RPM, nearly 3000 RPM higher than most enthusiasts report with their original HEI.

Compared to the stock HEI, PerTronix claims their units will produce 67% more energy in the coil with 45% faster spark breakdown time and deliver twice the energy across the spark gap. PerTronix testing shows that spark duration and more energy to the spark allow wider plug gaps (.050”-.055”) increasing flame kernel growth for more efficient combustion.

PerTronix distributors are supplied with a high dielectric strength cap with solid brass terminals, a balanced rotor and low resistance center coil brush, nylon rotor hold-down screws, adjustable ignition vacuum advance and a factory installed high performance mechanical curve kit with precision stamped weights and center plate.

Each distributor uses a new aluminum housing cast and machined from strong but lightweight A384 alloy. High quality bronze sintered bushings are installed and aligned bored for accuracy and extended mileage use. A centerless ground corrosion resistant shaft reduces friction and provides concentric operation. The hardened steel distributor gear is machined to exact tolerances for a tighter mesh with the cam gear eliminating horsepower losses caused by timing fluctuations found with excessive clearance and wear..