Uni Q and it's advantages


The Uni-Q is proving to be a hot seller with its 5 maps, which you can switch with Bluetooth or dash mounted switch or mono jack orÖ.

Also on cars where you want to fool the oxygen sensor it works well.

We now do Safari-vehicles where the owners get no speed limit and the driver is relegated to a maximum speed of, letís say 135, with a dash lamp going off at 125 Kph so he knows he is about to run into the speed limiter. Good idea for those of you who have enthusiastic offspring.

What I want to say is; that if you need something done on your cars ECU side, I can probably do it with the Uni-Q.

The good news is that it only costs +- 300 N$ more than the older versions.

 Please also check out Newsletters 53 and above.

It boils down to you deciding on what you want me to do, such as accurising your electronically controlled speedo and then contacting me, to get a price on the system.