New Flame-Thrower II Super Low Resistant Coils
Flame-Thrower II Coils

PerTronix has announced a new addition to their line up of Flame-Thrower coils. A super low resistant (0.6 ohm) 45,000 volt rated application is now available in chrome or OEM black, oil filled for better cooling and voltage insulation, or a black epoxy version when extreme vibration is a factor.

While it’s the perfect coil to go with the new Ignitor II breakerless ignition, their new coil can benefit virtually any distributor ignition system because the lower resistance and improved turns ratio produces the higher voltage needed to run larger spark plug gaps for added power and better fuel economy. The coil is also compatible with most capacitive discharge boxes including the popular MSD 6 or 7 series and Pertronix Second Strike ignition. Flame-Thrower II coils are 50 state legal and come with California Air Resources Board E.O. #D-57-10.

Flame-ThrowerŪ 50,000-Volt HEI Coils

PerTronix announces the availability of their Flame-ThrowerŪ replacement HEI 50,000-volt coils for most GM applications using either the red/white or red/yellow wire leads.

According to PerTronix, their coils feature an optimized windings design to maximize spark gap current and available voltage and when teamed with a Flame-ThrowerŪ module delivers twice the energy across the spark gap (during a one millisecond burn time) compared to the OEM HEI.