Newsletter No 52


19 March 2008


Hi. There


I must apologise for only coming back now.

I have been asked to attend the races in Namibé on the weekend after Easter.

I’ll spend a few days before that in Oshakati assuaging my customers’ needs.


I am lucky to have been inundated with work since the start of the year.

When you are so busy, it often seems as if nothing has changed, but then again things do change. If you want to or not.

Therefore my headers and Exhaust systems will also have to increase by 10 %. If you pay me a 50 % deposit now, then I will hold my old price until the end of April.


The Uni-Q is proving to be a hot seller with its 5 maps, which you can switch with Bluetooth or dash mounted switch or mono jack or….

Also on cars where you want to fool the oxygen sensor it works well.

We now do Safari-vehicles where the owners get no speed limit and the driver is relegated to a maximum speed of, let’s say 135, with a dash lamp going off at 125 Kph so he knows he is about to run into the speed limiter. Good idea for those of you who have enthusiastic offspring.

What I want to say is; that if you need something done on your cars ECU side, I can probably do it with the Uni-Q.

The good news is that it only costs +- 250 N$ more than the older versions.


We have just received the first version of the Diesel Telltale that monitors/displays Exhaust gas temperature (which is what kills your motor), boost.

In the future it can also monitor oil, water temp/pressure low coolant, battery voltage etc.

The nice thing about this is not only can you see when you are getting into trouble but also recall at a later stage how often the vehicle exceeded its safe parameters and by how much.

This will retail at about R3150.00 VAT incl.


Time and again people ask me improvement figures on their vehicle after we have fitted a Unichip or…

How do I know, every car is different !

All I can say that most renown tuners work similarly, so I can pretty much guarantee the same improvement as van der Linde etc. For the same vehicle that is.

Just because Klaus Cruiser improved by 2Km/L, need not mean that yours does too.

And because Franks Fortuner 4L does 215, does not mean yours will after the conversion.

On most vehicles the improvement will be more marked the harder you drive the car

I.e. let us assume that previously you got 6.8 Km/L at 120 kph and 4.5 Km/L at 160 kph.

This will then change to 7 and 6 km/L correspondingly. Of course these are not real life figures but por exemplo.


We have managed to get tremendous improvements out of common rail diesels.

Special on the 3L D4d is 2150 for a Q type Unichip. Installation under 3 hours.

The 4L Hilux V6 can be massively upgraded with a K&N, tuned header & Uniq    Price  8500      Top speed over 215 Kph


We still do older vehicles, and this type of comment really charms:

Thank you very much for the exhaust conversion you did on my car. 2.4 Toyota hillux.

I was amazed to see the difference in performance on my way back to Henties, for a change I didn't have to wish the car faster when over-taking. Now I can pull out, put my foot down and leave the the other car behind.


Thanks again for a great job.



Most people do not understand in what a cam does. It is the brain of your engine and rock’s the power around. Usually taking some power away at the low RPM range to replace it with some more power at the high RPM range. It is one of the final things to do when modifying a modern Engine !

This brings me to the point of why gasflowing is done less. Simply because it has become more expensive. Not the Porting itself, but the time taken to remove and refit the heads has become much longer. It still increases your vehicles performance. Significantly.

R&R a head on the 4Y is about 3 hours, on the 2.7 VVTi it takes close to 8 and on the 4L Hilux work on about 2 days.

But before you want to fit a performance cam, you would want me to port the heads and build you a torquey exhaust system, so your cam can take that torque away that you would have gained and substitute that with horses at the upper RPM band.


            I am sure some of us hanker at the good old days where we could wash our bakkies out from the inside and technology was the tape deck in our pride & joy.


I considered my father one of the last breed of a Gentleman.

What makes a gentleman ? Isn’t it maybe Integrity, honesty, commitment ?

Strangely when I asked around recently “what makes somebody your friend and not just an acquaintance”, I was told “because they are like me” or “because I can relate to them”. To me this is very shallow ?

I mean, are you not supposed to entrust your life to a friend ?

For me the basis of any relationship, be it friend, wife or business, is integrity.

Sure communication is important, but if you do not have integrity then any meaningful relationship falls apart.

When “they” say that most marriages fail because of “financial strain”. Don’t “they” mean that the marriage fell apart because the partners could not communicate with integrity about their financial status/situation ?

What I mean by this, that I try to emulate my late dad as much as possible in my business dealings. It makes my life a lot easier J



Minds are like parachutes,
They only function
when open.

Sir James Dewar