Newsletter No 64


23 June 2011



I just want to quench a rumour in the bud- we are the sole Unichip distributors in Namibia !

Since last year we have been lifting the speedlimiter on the KB 360. I doubt that there is a car where we cannot do that :) The KB 360 & 6L Lumina share a similar ECU= tricky to chip. For both cars we have done Cams, Heads, Exhausts with headers & K&N. I need a KB 360 for development to get the fuelling right as the timing component has been sorted. The 6L Lumina I am not worried about, as they are few...

As is usual with any vehicle we do development on, is that the person has to work together with me, as we might see the "check engine" light coming on and possibly other weird things. Of course I will not charge for the development time but only the usual fees.


Some time ago I got in a Cruiser that had received a full-house conversion in South Africa with head + cams etc. that was supposed to be the ultimate power monster. After Dynotuning it via the Unichip, I was surprised to see how little difference it made to my Cruiser that only had the Exhaust & K&N done. This prompted me to port the head and see where I can get to. The pictures are on FaceBook and the details are on my Cruiser page.




4X4 brake upgrades


For years we have been offering upgraded Brakes & suspension to discerning customers in Namibia.

We have realised there is a market for slightly upgraded Brakes, as I have done on my Bantam & then there is a market for the best, as we use on our Racing Vehicle. Those who have supplied me the best in the past are now also supplying a compound called Bendix Heavy Duty for the 4x4 market. I believe that I could be doing good business in Namibia offering this here as well. This material has been extensively tested in both wet and dry conditions both on and off-road including the hot, sandy desert conditions experienced in many parts of Southern Africa (i.e. Namibia, Botswana, Angola).   The Heavy Duty compound would offer about a 20% upgrade in terms of stopping power and fade resistance and would give very good pad life in our sandy conditions. It can be run on standard OEM discs and fitting it just to the front will give us the benefits, as the cars do up to 80% of their braking up front. I could offer fairly competitive prices on the Bendix Heavy Duty pads, below 1000 N$ per set. This might not be cheap to some, but are cost effective in terms of an upgrade product. This pad compound sells very well in SA to the 4x4 enthusiast market as well as Police 4x4 vehicles etc. I am very happy with this on the Cruiser bakkie.


Bendix Heavy Duty – is a premium Semi-Metallic compound that is designed to offer strong performance, excellent durability and good fade resistance for hardworking vehicles that drive in heavy city traffic, carry heavy loads or tow regularly. This compound is ideal for any vehicle that experiences frequent braking under load. The pads feature an insulation layer between the friction material and the backing plate that reduces heat transfer to the caliper and brake fluid under heavy braking. Also featured is a unique titanium layer on the surface of the friction material that raises the friction level during the initial bed-in period for the first 50-100km’s (30-60 miles) after fitment and speeds up the bed-in process. Bendix Heavy Duty is a premium workhorse material that offers strong brake performance over a wide temperature range while often lasting up to twice as long as many original equipment or aftermarket pads.



 All Terrain™ disc design is the result of an intensive test and development program. The design shares many features with our well known fast-road and race discs but has unique benefits in off-road conditions.


The All Terrain™ discs feature six curved slots in the friction face of the disc. In cross-section, the slots are wider and feature a radial profile, when compared to the parallel walls of the narrower slots on the Pro Street™ and Die Hard™ disc designs. The result is that dirt and mud, that may be encountered in off-road conditions, is far less likely to clog up the slots and reduce brake efficiency. The discs are directional and the curved slots are designed to move debris such as sand, mud, water and ‘dead’ pad material to the outside diameter of the disc. The slots run out at the edge of the disc to allow for this debris to be efficiently cleared from the disc / pad interface. The result is excellent brake consistency in wet, dusty or muddy conditions. Serious off-road enthusiasts will really appreciate these details when tackling steep descents after driving through wet or muddy terrain!


Of course 4x4 / SUV owners tend to drive long stretches of open road in order to get to their off-road destinations. Often these vast open spaces are covered at considerable speed in vehicles that are loaded to the limit with passengers, luggage, accessories, fuel and water. It is also common for 4x4 owners to substantially increase their vehicle’s power outputs. This additional weight and power places massive strain on the vehicle’s stock brake components and can result in dangerous brake fade when braking from high speeds.


Brake fade is predominantly caused by two factors. The first being friction gasses that form when pad bonding agents burn up and turn to gas at high disc temperatures. These gases can form a barrier layer between the disc and pad, hereby reducing brake efficiency. The second cause of brake fade is pad friction materials that are simply not designed to operate at the elevated disc temperatures (above 350 deg C) encountered under heavy consecutive braking with a heavy vehicle. The slots machined into the face of the All Terrain™ discs act as gas relief pathways that efficiently channel away friction gasses resulting in substantially reduced brake fade. These discs should cost between 950 and 1300 N$ for most common 4X4’s


New Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara All Terrain kits. Improve braking and extend disc and pad life by a considerable margin over the OE components. This kit will provide a genuine 20-25% improvement in braking and is perfectly usable both on and off-road. The carefully designed All Terrain slot pattern is designed to keep the discs clean in muddy off-road conditions.

The kit includes a set of front All Terrain slotted and treated discs as well as a set of high performance pads.

Toyota Hilux - R2,995 incl VAT for the kit

Nissan Navara - R4,275 incl VAT for the kit



Billet 4-piston Big Brake Kits - This kit comes complete with 2 x Powerbrake PB44L billet 4-pot race calipers featuring separate pad per piston technology, 2 x two-piece 330mm x 32mm staggered-vane floating discs, aircraft grade aluminium brackets, stainless steel braided brake lines, 2 x 500ml bottles Motul RBF600 full synthetic race brake fluid and all the necessary mounting hardware. The kit is designed as a bolt-on package with no need for any modifications to the vehicle. The PB44L caliper features stainless steel pistons whose sizes have been carefully calculated for each vehicle using custom written software to ensure excellent and linear pedal feel and perfect front/rear balance. These identical kits (fitted with spec race pad compounds) are already supplied to local race teams such as MFC Mazda Motorsport for their Mazda3 MPS Production Cars and to Team Afrox BMW for their 330i Production Cars.

Available now for Chev Lumina 5.7L, Subaru WRX/STI, Focus ST225, Mazda3 MPS, Alfa 147 and Alfa 156.

R19,500 incl VAT for the complete kit (excluding pads)








Brake pads and discs available for:

Alcon, Alfa, AP Racing, Audi, BMW, Brembo, Chev, Chrysler, Citroen, Daihatsu, Dodge, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Landrover, Lexus, Lotus, Mazda, Mercedes, MINI, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Seat, Smart, Ssangyong, Subaru, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen, Wilwood ....



On the Recreational front, we are now stocking the Shibazi knives

These are top quality Kitchen Knife Sets, Cutlery, Hunting, and Outdoor Kits on which we offer a 5 Year Warranty

The superb quality Shibazi products are made in Jiangjiang, Guangdong, Southern China, a Southern Chinese metal working city with a proud history of Hand Forged knives dating back 1400 years.

Shibazi is made up of seven connected companies, involved in every aspect of producing world-class kitchenware, knives and scissors. First and foremost, Shibazi has taken the massive step of both supplying the materials and producing their own highly specialized technical knife steels to international standards. They produce knives at quality levels that compete with the best manufacturers in Europe and Japan. Shibazi is known as the Kitchen Knife Centre of China and is China’s top brand.

The ability to produce different styles of kitchen knives that serve various functions and utilities created the opportunity for Shibazi to produce knives for a global kitchen knife market instead of only an Asian market.


Kitchen Knife Sets


All are made from Drop Forged Premium 5Cr15MoV Stainless Steel and have ABS Handles with Metal Bolsters


SH1021 - 5 Piece Chef’s Knife Set                            

203mm Chef’s Knife                                                      N$ 727.26

200mm Slicing Knife

207mm Bread Knife

120mm Utility Knife

99mm Paring Knife

Acrylic Stand






SH2001 - Kitchen Scissors                            N$ 41                           



SH5001 - Hand held Tungsten                                               

        Carbide Sharpener                                     N$ 92.69




Outdoor & Hunting Kits


SH3001 - Safari Pro Kit                                           

215mm Butcher’s Knife                                                  N$ 572.18

157mm Professional Skinning Knife

117mm Gut Hook Skinner with removable Sheath

140mm Boning Knife

70mm Utility/Caping Knife

Tungsten Carbide Sharpener, Folding Carry/Storage Case


SH3008 - Scout Hunting Knife                                    N$ 135.47

Full Flat Grind Skinning Blade, Gut Hook, Nylon Sheath,


Please read up on the history & more sets.



We have original replacement Nissan 1400 Carbs on special for only 3350 incl. 15 % VAT

I can still give a discount on quantity and trade J


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A lot of people are now asking why the tips of their spark plugs are coloured bright red.

This is caused by a additive called mmt.


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My mom recently had this accident where somebody jumped a red light & totalled her 280E Mercedes 123 series. None of the Panelbeaters I know want to fix it. Anybody wants to buy it ?

Now she is looking for a RAV 4 and also wants to sell her immaculate 1999 Colt 3L AT DC with 55 000 Km’s on the clock.

Can anybody help or steer me in the right direction ?


Till next time




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