Prices on Exhaust systems Valid as of

Exhaust systems, incl. Headers, installation & VAT:

4 Cyl. Complete System    e.g. Camry (2mm thick pipes with HD Silencers)

N$ 7350

6&8 Cyl. Single pipe System 57mm                  e.g. KB 320

N$ 9950

6&8 Cyl. Single pipe System   64 dia   e.g.   4L Ranger

N$ 12 500

6 & 8 Cyl. Twin pipe System    no reason, since we can bend 64 mm pipe

N$ 15 500.

6/8 Cyl. Crossover/ X tube (Torque) e.g. Chevota, BMW

N$ 1250 extra


The difference between mine and other Exhaust systems is:

I use 2mm thick black steel tubing from 38 to 64mm OD. This is tough !.

Stainless steel becomes to Expensive and tends to crack easier.

If there would be a demand for SS, I could supply tubing as well as silencers on request.


But for now My Quality silencers are made of Galvanised Mild Steel.

These Mild steel Silencers have the following features that set them apart from the rest:

1.2 mm Single wrapped galvanised steel for better corrosion protection and lower noise levels.

E-glass filling

Seam welded instead of crimping, eliminating leaks

I can have specific sizes and shapes manufactured – depending on your needs.


I have a large range of free flow Silencers & Headers (Branches) in stock:

Round and Oval Silencers, with and without chambers.

Dual Oval Silencers, with and without chambers.

2 into 1 as well as offset.

We stock headers for Lumina SS, 2.8 Cressida  4L Ranger, Hilux, Navara & Cruiser.


The headers are designed to give the Maximum performance (160i Corsa 7 Kw, 4.5 Cruiser 40 Nm/2000 RPM) with good routing and reliability. This will of course aid in reducing your fuel bill to. The Exhaust systems can be custom built towards the customer’s requirements in noise attenuation.


We used to stock Tailpieces.


Prices are Retail including VAT.  and about the maximum you can expect to pay unless you have some cosmetic changes done.


Please check out my website for further pricing and applications, and do not hesitate to contact me.