Flame-Thrower Digital Rev Limiter

PerTronix Performance Products has introduced the Flame-Thrower digital rev limiter for use with any 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engine using points, OEM electronic (GM HEI, Ford, Chrysler) or aftermarket inductive type ignition systems including their very popular Ignitor? and Ignitor II? points replacement systems.

This digitally controlled micro controller based unit provides much greater accuracy(+/-0.01%) than analog systems. Digital rotary switches permit easy setting and a resolution of 100 RPMs for more accurate rev control eliminating the need for chips and jumpers. The Pertronix system combines both random and a sequential pattern of spark stealing to control RPM. Pertronix claims the benefit of random spark stealing is quicker response time to an over rev limit event while sequential stealing is less invasive to the engine because sparks are not completely dropped allowing the engine to ignite any unburned fuel to keep the cylinders clean and avoid damaging exhaust detonation.

Flame-Thrower rev limiters come with special filters preventing false triggering from coil (-) voltage noise and a tachometer output compatible with modern tachometers. With reverse voltage protection, their limiter works well over a wide voltage range (6 to 18 volts).

A 4-wire hookup and the rev limiter’s small size (2.5”x 3.0” x 1.4”) make installation and fitment in many locations within the engine compartment easy.