Employment Opportunities


I try to keep staff as long as possible due to the lengthy training we have to give.
Please peruse this website in order to see what we do at Nick’s Racing.

Apart from myself I generally work together with 1 to 2 people, depending on the workload and skill of the chief-technician.
These staff members run the mechanical side of this shop (be an extension of my hands).

To understand the requirements I have for the present vacancy for one person:

We build header freeflow system, which I expect you to fabricate with a pipe bender and Mig welder

I also expect you to liaise with my clients as well as do stock control and sales.

Basic computer knowledge is essential, such as sending out orders per eMail and googling info.

I need you to be technically minded, so you can figure out problems, as they invariably present themselves.

We do not service cars, but I would hope that you know the technical rudimentaries.

We solder-in the Unichip piggy back computer and I would need you to be able to read and connect a simple wiring diagram, as shown below: ECU at top and Unichip at right:




We have nobody apart from myself to train you, so I expect a basic knowledge in what I have just described.

I am not looking at qualifications, but at technical experience. Do not swamp me with CV’s, but tell me how you qualify for this job.


Should you feel that you are indeed able to fulfil above expectation, please send me an eMail stating why you are the right person for the job, with an intact subject line.


To make sure that I can meet your expectations, I offer the following negotiable starter package:

Initial salary of 2000 N$ per month i.e. 100 N$ a day until you prove your worth

Should you need accommodation, I can organise you a Room in Okuryangava to the value of 2000 N$ incl. water and lights

Transport allowance to get to and from work at my expense

Safety wear

Social Security



The following is what my previous staff members were able to contribute:

An Understanding on the principles of the 4-stroke petrol driven internal combustion Engine.

Logical thinking & Fabrication skills

Use of hand tools

Welding abilities- stick & MIG

Reading & understanding basic wiring diagrams

Mechanical aptitude

A sober personality

Wire piggyback chips (I do the Dyno tuning)

Automotive diagnostics (Carburettor & Fuel injection)

Remove & refit cylinder heads (I do the porting)

Remove & refit cams & degree them

Fabricate Free Flow exhaust systems (I design the system)

General mechanical work, such as fitting Hydraulic winches, spotlights, Intercoolers, performance brakes & suspensions.

Fabricate air filter brackets & jigs therefore

Do stock control and parts sales (K&N filters, headers etc.)

Advise & consult with customers


It was to their benefit if they had further qualifications/tertiary training, such as:

Mathematics and science at school

A Rudimentary knowledge of Electronics


Engine Building


Sales experience

Stock control

The capacity for logical thinking

Command of the English language

Telephone etiquette & Customer relations skills


I do provide a modicum of training in those areas that might need a bit of refreshing.

I provide flexible working hours in a 42 hour work week

You will be part of a small & dynamic team instead of just an employee.

We do not build racing cars, but mainly enhance the performance of utility vehicles (petrol and diesel)


Once you are able to work on your own, we would supply a "handlanger" who cleans, helps and generally is an aid to you, my "hand extension" person.

This person often lands up training to be an apprentice and all that have been with us for a significant length of time have become assets to the industry.
    We quite often take in apprentices or students needing hands on experience, such as NIMT
I pride myself in excellence in Workmanship but do not put undue pressure on my Employees, as long as the job goes out perfect !



You can also look up further information www.nicksracing.com

Please do not phone-in or hand-deliver paperwork !