About Nick's Racing

Nick's Racing, today is a misnomer. Nick started out by building Race Motors in the USA. When he moved to Namibia in 93, it was because he felt like going home and because he thought there would be a Market for American V8's there. The Company has evolved into building reliable, fuel efficient Motors with performance.

90 % of our customers bring in 4X4's. The 22R Hilux being a success story on its own.

What Nick's Racing stands for

 Enhancing your Vehicles Efficiency =

 Increase in Power

 Reduction in Fuel Consumption

But of course this is not the whole story.

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For 2006 a few things have changed, seeing that I have a Dyno & a Pipe Bender that can bend up to 2.5" tubing .
We will concentrate more on our fundamentals, which are tune up's on healthy cars, performance upgrades and ensuring that we can significantly reduce your petrol driven vehicle's Fuel consumption.