The Max Planck Diet


If you landed up over here you have probably been looking through my Recipies

In my racing days I normally weighrd about 72 kg. While working for the Breweries as an apprentice in 1986 (yeah I am getting old), my weight shot up to 80 kg. This was due to us appies getting Beer for free in the evenings. I'll spare you the gory details.

I retired from racing in 1993 and then my weight slowly crept up and jo-jo'd between 73 and 76.
Ocassionally Urda & Myself did a Potato diet, but just eating less or less well never featured in our Diet.
Well the good living finally caught up and I occasionally saw the Scale groan at 78 Kg.
Good food goes with good drink and I then stumbled on the Max Planck Diet. Last time I did that was also a few years back and I remembered how well it worked and how easy it was.

So on Monday morning 10 October 2005, we both started (the weight is given first and then 2'nd week for myself, with the 3'rd (non fasting) week thrown in for good measure- no it is not Nick and Urda's- by the way she guessed to have lost about 5 Kg):

1st day        +-78            74.8        73.5

2nd day    77.3 kg        74.5        73.8

3rd day    76.3 kg        74        73.4

4th day    76.3        73.6        73

5th day    75.3        72.9        73

6th day    75.1        72.6        72.5

7th day    74.5        72.6        73.4

On the eighth day, the diet starts from the beginning again and runs for another week. After this, you can basically eat as normal again. You should nevertheless always pay attention to, and limit, fat, sauces and sweets.

If you keep strictly to this diet plan for two weeks, you can lose between 3 and 9 kg. This diet initiates a change in your metabolism that should make it possible for you to keep your weight at a stable level, even after the diet.

As much mineral water as possible should be drunk during the complete diet. And you should continue to drink up to 3 litres of mineral water after the diet.

After a month I have noticed that my weight stays between 73 & 74 Kg's. I do watch that I don't eat to much though. But I still cook with cream & Chardonnay.

I have a more amusing recount of this Diet

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Disclaimer: I am in no way endorsing this or any other diet method. From what I heard, some people actually got ill from following this thing. I did it primarily to do something good to my well-trashed body and to prove to some people that I had the will-power to stick to it. One friend  put the weight back on soon after and really I don't care. In fact, he thinks the whole thing is basically nonsense and if you really want to lose some weight, go easy on the alcohol, eat moderately and get some exercise!  If you decide to follow this or any other diet then you do so entirely by your own volition and at your own risk.