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 Thank you for browsing my site.

A quick recap; this website was designed by myself to be a virtual catalogue, Newsletter and source of information to you, my Customer and for those who seek enlightenment. I am not trying to be conceited, but want to tell you that most of what I know has been put into this site.


If it is 12 Am in Sydney and you want to know how to set up a Buick 3.8 or you are stuck with your project at 11Hdirty on a Saturday night and need prices on a Header, I hope that this site brings you some information and entertainment.


I have purposefully left out speed robbing bells and whistles. This site is supposed to quench your thirst for knowledge.


The structure might not be conventional, but hey I am not a conventional person (most would describe me as Conservative).


A quick navigational aid.

At the bottom of my homepage you find a Image map that will turn your mouse cursor into a hand so you can click on that item (for which we are agents) to get more information on that particular brand or product.

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To the left you have an index that can do a multitude of things including returning you to the image map mentioned above.

The Newsletter section is structured with the last newsletter at the Top bringing you all that is new and some personal comments.

If you need some information that might or might not have something to do with my Business or you just want to learn more about the tuning trade, then Articles is the correct link to click. You can even find out more about myself there.

My Website differentiates between a pricelist on goods stocked and services we provide. I believe in playing with open cards, though I do give discounts depending on volume and some prices do change faster than I can update them.

Since Electronic Engine Management systems (Fuel Injection) modifications are the rage, I have added a separate link for that.

The Forum was supposed to be interactive. But in the end I published Letters here that you might be tempted to write, with a reply I might give. Please do not write me emails on topics clearly covered in my Website.

Frequently Asked Questions are just that. 90 % of all emails I get could have been answered there. If you think you have a question not answered there that would be of popular interest, would you please let me have it ?

The rest of the Links should (hopefully) be self-explanatory.


Some pages, such as Prices on services do not show on IE6 in conjunction with Windoze XP. There you have to modify your security settings.


This site was not built to be a quick access La-di-Dah site but one that should be worth spending some time with- as with any good Catalogue. Hint: take your Laptop to the bathroom J.

 Wishing you lots of fun searching and Surfing


Nick von Bergen (Owner and apprentice Web designer)



If you wish to comment about this Website, or give suggestions to improve it, please do so feedback@nicksracing.com !


If you want to submit www.nicksracing.com to a search engine, you are welcome. If you want to be cross linked, then please do not hesitate to drop me a eMail stating why you would want to do that and if you want it linked to a specific page or to your Homepage. Of course I would expect you to reciprocate.


For those of you who have not noticed, We moved shop to Erf 23 Nickel Str Prosperita in April 2004.