About this Website

Originally Nick von Bergen wanted to bring out a Catalog displaying his Services. But after some deliberation, Nick decided a Webpage would be the way to go. This way I can update it whenever I have new products, price changes etc.

 I have a lot of people out in the Country that upload at 4800 Baud. Therefore the Informative pages carry little in the way of Pictures or graphics, as this site is supposed to be user friendly and informative. So if you have ideas on how to improve it or find some slow downloads, please eMail me at feedback@nicksracing.com.

Mission statement for this Webbie

Provide an overview on what we do and sell

Enable you to download Articles (information) of interest to you

Interact with Nick and other "Motorheads"

Of course there is always more, for the time being click on the Boxes above on your left.

I know this might go against your grain, but this website was written for you to browse through and spend some time on it. I have gone through a lot of effort to present as much material as possible to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. 

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Face it; life is a dangerous business. 
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