Prices on Services

As at03 February 2014 
as you can see I do not update these often

I have published the reasoning behind this new pricelist in my Newsletter #15.

Prices We have an in-house Exhaust pipe bender that can bend up to 64mm dia. piping. This I would suggest with a K&N Airfilter as a Stage 1 Conversion.

Prices Of course the UNICHIP  plays a major role and would see the first as a Stage II although on its own the UNICHIP gives a healthy boost.

Prices Modifications are still our forté, encompassing Cam Grinding & Headflowing

Prices Weber is back, but expensive.

Prices We do tune-ups on healthy cars (note we do not repair vehicles).

Info Contact me for importing BMW motorcycle spares. This is my hobby :)

Prices I still sell the odd V8 and V6, mostly to people who want reliability above price.

Info We do suspension systems on 4X4's and sports systems on Sedan's- not simple Lowering kits !

Clutches What does all the performance in the world mean, if you cannot get the power to the groumd....

Info We also do performance brakes

We also carry Misclaneous parts, such as Golf 2L kits for 7500.00 and 1845 piston assembly’s for 5000.00 as well as ported cylinder heads with big valves on exchange for 3000.00  

We warranty all our Labour for 1 year (50 000 Km's), all Prices include VAT.