EFI Pricelist



11 July 2011



Unichip Version A, B & C (old style, to be discontinued) will be installed by us from 2750 onward.

Versions Q and Q+ will run from 3000 upwards due to the flexibility they provide.

Pricing depends on the degree of difficulty and repeatability of the installation.

A modified Polo is far more difficult to set up than a KB 320, as it tends to ping.

Also we are far more likely to be experienced on chipping stock vehicles and those modified by us, than to UNICHIP a vehicle modified by someone unknown.


Prices include UNICHIP, Installation, set-up and a 3 months “Return if not satisfied Policy”.

We promise that the vehicle will be as light as possible on Fuel while cruising calmly and make the most possible power when the accelerator is floored. Furthermore you must feel an improvement in Driveability.


Of course we also sell the Plug 'n Play or set-up a Unichip on Diesels.

This is a Unichip that has been set-up to work reliably on that particular Diesel vehicle.

Cost is 4900 upward for the PnP. Unichip on a Diesel runs about 3500 N$. I also list intercoolers and expected power increase here.

We are able to procure plug in wire harness for certain vehicles costing about 2450, into which we can then plug the Unichip making a plug 'n play for a dedicated petrol car.


GOTECH is a stand alone Computer controlling fuel and spark. DISCONTINUED



These prices are for the ECU with wiring harness and VAT but without installation and setup. Please do read my Newsletter 51 & 54  before you contact me regarding these Stand alone systems.

The following are indicated prices that depend entirely on the complexity of the system:

4cyl      1000

6cyl      1380

Mapping           750 if the parts have been sold by us, otherwise 400 Rand per hour


Before & after Dyno run can be arranged, as long as they happen within 14 days (such as when you fit performance parts yourself and want to check the result) from R 500 upward


The following parts (incl. Vat) are also available (pricing tends to decrease with demand):

4 cyl. Throttle Body set    

Single TB (for carb to Efi conversion) needs 2X 400 cc injectors 1510

Linkage kit                       


TPS switch & plug          


Fuel pressure regulator        


Injector GM from 400 cc 2 will feed a normal 4cyl       15 Ohm  

700 +
Injector Weber 200 cc (bigger availiable) 30+ Hp @ 3 Bar 500 ea
60-2 Teeth crank wheel & pick up 975
Various Intakes 1210 +-
Ram tubes for Throttle bodies 1362.80

Various fuel pumps (Inline HP)

 Nissan v6 cold Air kit 800.00
Bantam 1600i Cold Air Kit (if you add a exhaust your power jumps from 77to 85 kW) 1000





We try to handle every job the way as if we were the customer.