DYNO Tuning graphs

This page came about due to the incessant demand by all & sundry clamouring "I want to see some graphs" ;)
Dyno's measure rear wheel power & that is what I will be concentrating on, in kW.
Flywheel power & torque are normally calculated measurements. The factories usually measure the power on the FW, often using their own standards.

Nm =
kW x 9549

Some Dyno's calculate this better than others. MAHA being one of them.
I have found this rear wheel to crank HP guesstimator. Remember we take NO responsibility !
Here you can convert kW to Hp

So, if you see a power graph that is totally different from what you expect, then please first read up on why this might differ from what your expectations.
The main thing I want to show is:

With each .jpg of the Dyno power measured at selected points on the rear wheels will be a short explanation on what we did and at the bottom of the graph a nomenclature explaining what each curve represents.
You can expect this page to be updated reasonably often.            The last time a graph was published, was on 06 December 2017
If you have any suggestions on how to improve this service...

Here are some Cars we have done:


325 M30 E30

My 323 as purchased and now with a 2.8L Vanos motor

M3 E36

M3 E36 3.2L with twin Vanos

323 E46 2.2L

E46 M3 2002 MY


2.5 iron Duke as used in the Nomad


1.3 Bantam    1.6 with Rocam engine    1.6 that the owner had done to Stage 3

1.8 Focus with a Duratec motor St 2

3L V6 Uprated in the Mazda Magnum (You find it under Ford, because they built the motor)

3.4L V6

4L Ranger V6

L 300 I6 Ford F 100 & then with a 351 W tuned by us

351 Windsor

3.0 TDCi

3.2 Bakkie T5 motor


LC 1.3


4Y motor equipped 2.2 (in this case CAM) St2

Steed 2.5 TCi

Steed 2.8 TCi


1600 CVVT

1.6 J2 Elantra

H1 2400 st2 a nice example how tuning enhances other modifications



KB 240 LE

KB 250 D-teq and KB 300 D-teq

KB 300 LX

KB 320    Stage 2

KB 350

KB 360 st 2


4L Wrangler


Cooper 1600 16v


1.6 Axela

1.8 Astina

B 2600i

B 2.2 bakkie

B2500 with a improved IC

Mercedes Benz

Smart 700 Turbo Roadster



2L Lancer

Colt 2.4

Colt 24v #l bakkie. 

Triton 3.5 V6

Triton 3.2 & 2.5 Diesel

Pajero 3.8 Auto



1.6 Sunny, similar to Sti

2L Sti

Skyline GTR 33 2.5 NA

X-Trail 2 L

2.4 Bakkie 16 v

X-Trail 2.5

Navara 2.5 K&N and Zorst only

3L 16v Hardbody with Intercooler conversion

NP 300 3L IC    2.5 Std

3L Patrol diesel

Navara 4L

V6 bakkie 3L & 3.3 St2 others and 3.3 st2 done by us

Z 350 with K&N

4.5 Patrol

4.8 Patrol PU



Corsa 1.4i

Corsa 1.6i & with Octane Booster, NOS etc. switched with Bluetooth

Corsa 1.8



2.8 Defender (BMW motor)

3.5L RangeRover V8

TD 5

2.2 Puma Defender



1.3 Swift



1.6 Run-X    Stage 2

1.8 Run-X TRD

4Y Hilux 4X4

2.4 Hilux

Condor 2.4

KZTE     Prado with stock IC

2.5 D4D and with an Intercooler fitted    Fortuner with factory IC

3L D4D

Hilux 2L Vvti

Hilux 2.7 pre-Bullnose    Bullnose    VVT-i

Quantum 2.7VVti    2.5D4d

Prado 3.4L V6 Automatic

Hilux 4L  Stage 2

3F Cruiser    Stage 2

Land Cruiser 4L rich    V6 St 2 V6St3   Loud Exhaust

FJ Cruiser 4L Auto

Land Cruiser 4.5    Mine

FJ76 Cruiser Bakkie 4.5 Diesel

Land Cruiser 4.7 V8 100 series

Land Cruiser 4.7 V8 200 series

 1 HZ local Land Cruiser that has been turbocharged & Intercooled



Golf 1.4 St 3 by customer    Polo 1.4 st2 by us

1.4 Golf 1 Turbo conversion

1.4 Polo GTi

1.6 Jetta 3

1.6 Polo Vivo st 2

1.6 Jetta 2012 77 kW Tdi

1.8 Golf St 3

2L Golf 5 Turbo    Here we did only Exhaust & K&N !

T5 Kombi 1.9

Amarok Bi-turbo and De-cat

2.8 Jetta VR6 with customer mods



S40 T5

Many cars we have done are not shown, as there is often no time for a before & after run

Unless otherwise stated the before run shows a standard car, whilst the after car is after tuning the engine management for optimal efficiency. i.e. Fuelling, Timing, boost etc

I do not show Automatics due to the varying losses in the drive-train
If you want to find out what your vehicle might do with your specifically envisaged modifications, and can't find it above, then go to my page listing modification results.


I have far more Graphs on my Facebook page.