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Nick. I have a 1.4i golf. 62kw now if I give you my top to gas flow ,cam etc by how much will my power increase and top speed

Please look up the answer on my Dyno list or check out my article on Modification results.


Will an aftermarket ECU work better than the stock system ?

No ! Use the UNICHIP to enhance your stock ECU.

So far I have tried Gotech, Dicktator and Mr Turbo and none gave me the drivability a stock ECU gives.


What does the Unichip actually do ?

It enables me to set up the Timing and Fueling of your vehicle right across the RPM range so that your motor runs at its most efficient. Stock motors can definitely benefit and modified ones even more so. You will experience an increase in performance whilst decreasing your Fuel consumption.


Will a free flow make more noise ?

Generally the noise Amplitude (Measured in Db) will increase slightly while the Tone becomes deeper. Though we can make a Free flow soft on Vehicles with Ample under body space and not to large High Revving Motors. Those Freeflows making a racket are built specifically on Customers requests and do nothing except tarnish the Performance Exhaust Manufacturers image.


What is the difference between a 4:1 Header and a 4:2:1 ?

A 4:2:1 makes more Bottom end torque, but is more difficult to Manufacture and often Longer than the 4:1. Manufacturers often choose to put a steel flange at the joint of the 4:2, this though often causes the pipes to crack at this Point.


How many Kw will I gain with a K&N ?

A K&N will flow more Air than a standard Filter. If your car is jetted correctly for this “Leaner” scenario (most are), you will gain Power and therefore decrease Fuel Consumption. How much ? Every car is different- I have heard of 40 Hp’s on a Corvette and measures 2Kw on a Corsa.


What will a K&N save me on Fuel ?

Courier 3l can get 2 Km more per litre.


What are the Advantages of a K&N ?

You never need to buy a new Filter, so it will save you on this point alone.
1 Million mile guarantee. Need I say more :)


What is the Difference between a Stage 1 and 3 cam ?

This is a misnomer. You have a cam for a certain application. So a stage 1 cam will idle perfectly make good Power and give great Fuel Economy. While a stage 2 and 3 cam… ? We have Road, Rally and Race Cams for each specific application. Often I distinguish between a Torque Cam (for 4X4’s) and a Top end (for High RPM long Distance cruising) cam.


Is it worth just fitting a cam ?

Hardly ever unless you like a lumpy idle and loss of low RPM torque.


Can you do a Conversion in Stages ?


Stage 1: K&N with Header Free flow (expect about 10 Kw on most modern 3L engines).

Stage 2: Head Porting Increasing a Engines overall Efficiency

Stage 3: EFI adapting or Carburettor Tuning

Stage 4: Cam grinding to rock your power Curve to where you want it.


What Power increase can I get from a Full House Conversion ?

Work on 20 % for a 4X4 with a Efficient Engine (4Y) to 30 % on a inefficient set-up (22R).


What Power can I expect from a Turbo/Supercharger set-up ?

40 % more Power with 50 % more Torque. Don’t forget the intercooler.


What does the intercooler do ?

The Air is compressed by your Turbo/Supercharger heating the Air up like a Bicycle Pump. The intercooler cools this air down again. Cool Air is denser making more Power. Also Cool Air causes less stress on your Engine.


Will a Conversion decrease my Vehicle’s Reliability ?

No, if done right. Since a Conversion should increase your Vehicle’s Efficiency, there is less stress on the Motor. The Drive train etc. is normally overingeneered to take a Bigger motor into account, so it should take it.

Remember Enthusiasm can break anything !


If I supply you with an Engine (Better still engine and Adapters etc.), what will you charge me to fit this ?

I will not touch such a Job. We give a 1 Year (50 000Km) warranty on our work. How can I guarantee our work if I don’t supply the Parts ?

Also the parts supplied might not work/fit. What then ?





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